City of Ottawa Anti-Racism Advisory Table- Looking for Youth Members! (Paid position)

City of Ottawa Anti-Racism Advisory Table- Looking for Youth Members! (Paid position)

Anti-Racism Advisory Table 

Application process for selecting members of the Anti-Racism Advisory Table:

The table will work to effectively confront system racism within the six priority areas identified by the community by: 

  • informing the development of the City’s first Anti-Racism Strategy; 
  • working collaboratively in raising awareness about systemic and individual experiences of racism;  
  • bringing forward community perspectives; and 
  • advising on the actions identified during the engagement sessions within the six priority areas: employment equity, housing, governance, economic development, health outcomes, and youth development.   

The table will be made up of 16 anti-racism leaders from racialized communities who will provide subject matter expertise, working collaboratively alongside 6 City representatives from Council, Senior Leadership, and the Gender and Race Equity, Inclusion, Indigenous Relations and Social Development Service. Equitable representation from individuals with intersectional backgrounds, as well as a range of people from diverse groups, will be considered in selecting members. 

We are definitely hoping to get youth representation on the table, and there is an honoraria of $200 per meeting attended by members.

The application process is open until August 10, 2021, and appointments for membership will be finalized by August 31, 2021. For more information on the City’s Anti-Racism Advisory Table and eligibility requirements, please refer to the application form