Golden Milk

Also know as Haldi Ka Doodh,

translated to Turmeric Tea, "Golden Milk" has been on the rise for years due to its proven health benefits. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties have been used medicinally in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. It helps with colds, indigestion and joint pains. Turmeric has also been used to heal cuts and can be mixed with milk to make face masks and lotions!

Turmeric is the base ingredient in the new 13SocEnt Golden Milk Spice Blend. 

Simple instructions for a delicious, Health filled cup of Golden Milk:

1 teaspoon 13SocEnt Golden Milk Spice Blend

1 cup heated Coconut Milk (Milk of Choice)

Honey or Vanilla to taste

Put one teaspoon of 13SocEnt Golden Milk Spice Blend per cup of milk into your bowl. Heat your Milk over the stove or use a milk frother/heater. Add your Milk to you bowl and whisk. Serve and Enjoy! Let us know how you feel!

Thirteen Team! 


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