"I've been a supporter of the 13: A Social Enterprise run out of Parkdale Food Centre since they started in August of 2015.  During that time I've watched with admiration and pride as the  participants have developed their products and graduated armed with new found business skills.  When the 13 developed their spice blends I was so excited to use them in my day to day cooking - I prepare all of my dishes from scratch and rarely eat out so it was a treat for me to use these spice blends. I no longer purchase chili powder, instead I use their Berbere or Pili Pili when making chili, soups and stews, or fajitas or other dishes that need a little heat - these spice blends are so good and have just the right amount of heat to get your taste buds tingling.  My cumin usage has been drastically cut back as I turn to the Xawaash Spice Blend to put into my Koftas, or rub on a whole chicken before roasting or grilling.  I discovered I love to cook with the Pilau Masala Spice Blend when I make my Moroccan Vegetarian Couscous dish - it adds just the right amount of savory flavouring but with just an underlying note of sweetness.  I've incorporated all of the 13's spice blends into my cooking because of the flavours that they impart into my dishes." - Deb Abbott, @DebAbbottOttawa
"I am the resident chef and kitchen manager at Parkdale Food Center where the 13 make their spice blends. The spices have become a staple in my pantry and can be used for a wide variety of recipes. Whether its dry rubs for meat, seasoning for curries, salad dressings or simply if you want to add some heat to a dish they are well balanced and pack a ton of flavor.  I know how hard the 13 work to provide the best product possible and constantly amazed at their dedication and knowledge when it comes to their spices." - Simon Bell, Parkdale Food Centre

“I was participating in an event at the Parkdale Food Centre recently and spied some of the Spice Blends made by “13 A Social Enterprise”. I was doing a chicken dish and decided to use the Congolese Pili Pili blend, I rubbed the chicken with it roasted it for 45 minutes, I’m certain that the success of that dish is owed to the Pili Pili Spice Blend. The “13 A Social Enterprise” group produces 3 other blends that are equally good, they offer the right amount of spice and flavour and can be used with meat, poultry, fish or vegetarian dishes. They’re super convenient and well priced and you get the warm and fuzzy by helping out."  - Patrick Garland, Absinte

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