Pili Pili Plantains

Pili Pili Plantains

Plantains or "cooking bananas" are the fruit of Musa Paradisaca, a type of banana plant. It is a staple food and crop in many parts of Africa. Unlike a banana, plantain must be cooked to be eaten. It can be served boiled, steamed, baked or fried. In Congo, plantains are called makemba and usually made with Pili Pili spice. 


4 ripe plantains, the more yellow the plantain is, the sweater

1 tsp thirteen Pili Pili spice 

1 tsp salt

Vegetable oil 


  1. Make a faint slit down the back of the plantain and use your hands to gently peel off the skin like you would a banana. 
  2. Cut long medium-thin slices through the plantain. You can make them as thick or thin as you want. Cooking times may vary
  3. Put sliced plantains in a bowl, add salt and our Pili Pili spice 
  4. Toss to mix and let it marinate for 5-7 minutes 
  5. Heat oil to medium heat in a frying pan
  6. Fry plantains for two minutes, flip and fry for one minute until golden-brown
  7. Take out the plantains using a spider spoon and place them on a plate with a paper towel to get rid of the excess oil. 

Can be eaten as a snack or with rice, stew, meat and vegetables etc. Enjoy!


4 people 

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 9 minutes

Tools & Equipment

  1. Cutting board  
  2. Knife 
  3. Mixing bowl 
  4. Measuring spoon 
  5. A frying pan 
  6. A spider spoon

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