Tikel Gomen (One pot Ethiopian Cabbage)

Tikel Gomen (One pot Ethiopian Cabbage)

Tikel Gomen is a very delicious Ethiopian dish. It is a simple vegan/vegetarian one pot dish made with mainly cabbage, potatoes and carrots. It is packed with flavor, easy to make with everyday ingredients, and is healthy too! Traditionally eaten with injera bread along with other vegetarian dishes on a plater but can be eaten alone with rice!



    1. Oil of your choice (olive oil recommended)
    2. 2 Onion thinly sliced 
    3. 3 Cloves of garlic minced 
    4. Salt to taste 
    5. 2 Medium carrots coined 
    6. 1 large potato cubbed and well rinsed
    7. 1 Jalapeño (optional) for some heat
    8. 1 tsp of Pilau Masala
    9. 1½ cups of chopped cabbage and well rinsed 


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  1. Prep your veggies 
  2. In a pan on medium to low heat add oil, once your oil heats up add your sliced onion, stir. Add your minced garlic & salt cook together.
  3. Add your carrots, potato, jalapeño & our Pilau Masala spice. Stir to mix. 
  4. Once the carrots and potato are half way cooked put the chopped cabbage in. 
  5. Once the cabbage and veggies are cook to desired softness, turn off heat.


Serves 2-3



Prep Time: 20 minutes 

Cook Time:  35 minutes 


Serving Suggestions 

Serve with Injera or rice 


Places to find injera in Ottawa 

  • Iham Injera  590 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa (Gluten free) A lot of Quickie convenience stores sell injera from this bakery, ask if your nearest Quickie has injera.  
  • Tizita Bakery 365 Booth St, Ottawa 
  • Damas Supermarket 3033 Carling Ave, Ottawa (gets Injera from the first bakery mentioned)
  • Habesha Restaurant 99 Montreal Rd, Ottawa