TKS PROGRAM Olympic level training for future innovators and CEOs.

The Basics

Students are placed in a cohort of 30-40 people. Each cohort meets every weekend for 10 months (September – June). The specific day/time will be sent to you after you’re accepted into the program.

To join TKS, you must be accepted. There is an application and interview process. We look for students that want to make an impact, are curious to learn about emerging technologies, and want to solve big problems. No prior experience or knowledge is required.

We’ve hired amazing people to provide students an incredible experience at TKS. The fees largely contribute towards the salaries of directors and staff at TKS. The fee for virtual is $439/month (+ deposit), and the in-person program is $598/month (+ deposit). We offer tuition support to students who need it. Click here to learn more about our tuition support.

TKS Innovate is designed for students ages 13-18 years old. We do make exceptions for students taking gap years. We have in-person and virtual programs available.


CLICK HERE to learn more and APPLY - Applications due April 5th

If you want help with the application or with any other application contact Meagan: