Yoga and wellness resources from Warrior Yoga

Yoga and wellness resources from Warrior Yoga

We are so thankful to Warrior Yoga for sharing these free resources with us! 

TO HEAL - Moving meditation series

Welcome to the third practice of this moving meditation series! This series uses powerful tools such as movement, music, breath, meditation, poetry and journaling to fuel an intention. Our intention for this practice is to heal. Now that you have listened and have let go, you have been heard and you have made space (well done!). This is where we can settle into ourselves and let the restoration of our mind, heart and body happen.

When we are injured, we are often told to rest and that our path to healing will likely not be linear. To heal requires time and space in a restorative state both externally and internally. Getting into this state is not always so easy, life gets busy, we run ourselves down trying to keep up and diving into healing can be uncomfortable. In this practice, we are going to show up for
ourselves and be as gentle as possible. We hold comfort in knowing we have space to heal and room for growth - all in due time.

I recommend you do the series practices in sequential order for maximum benefit, but these practices do all stand alone. You can use all the tools or only some - use what helps you heal.
Healing is a unique non-linear journey - use what helps you just for today.

A poem by rupi kaur to ponder as you explore the intention to listen.
it was when I stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
i found there were no roots more intimate
than those between a mind and body
that have decided to be whole
rupi kaur (p.215 - the sun and her flowers)

Yoga practice

Journal Prompts
Take 30 - 60 minutes to complete the journal prompts below. I recommend doing this either right after or the same day as your practise. Happy writing and be brave with your pen.
1 - Make a list when you feel like your best self. What gives you the most energy?
2 - What do you need to hear to be able to incorporate or prioritize these activities?
2 - What can you do today that you will be thankful for tomorrow?

Spotify Playlist - To heal -


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