Youth Focus Group

Youth Focus Group

We want to hear from you!

We are going to be hosting a conversation regarding some upcoming programing/job opportunities under the Thirteen umbrella. We have partnered with Growing Futures , another program of Parkdale Food Centre, that is more focused on social justice issues and teaching young people about these social concepts and issues.

Before we create a new project or program around these ideas and engaging youth we wanted to hear from you about what you think would be interesting or how you would like to be involved.

We are hosting the conversation Saturday, May 1st at 11 am - ONLINE. We would like to have 15 people attend. So please sign up if you are interested and we will close the sign-up when it's full.

If you are signing up please be ready to engage with us and know that your opinion is strongly valued and appreciated. We want to hear from you, whether you think you have anything to say or not, we know that you do, and whatever you have to say is important.

The meeting shouldn't be more than an hour or hour and a half. You will be paid $15 as an honourarium for your participation.

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