Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) builds on the 17-year history of the successful Mindtrust Leadership Development Program (MLDP). YLP is responding to the need to develop next generation leaders. This program is intended for young, impact-driven, and demonstrated leaders with an interest
in the future of leadership. The YLP pilot was delivered in early 2020 for 16 young people in collaboration with Youth Ottawa and other local community organizations and the on-line pilot followed in the fall of 2020 for another 14 young leaders.

The YLP-2 program was refined based on the feedback from the pilots to meet the immediate community needs in the COVID-19 environment and allow Mindtrust to move the program out to community organizations for delivery, thus expanding the Mindtrust umbrella for youth leadership development.

The program consists of six modules which cover key concepts related to leadership in today’s world.

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Notes from Meagan:

- This is a great program delivered by very reputable organizations in Ottawa. It is a great opportunity to learn and demonstrates valuable experience on your resume. 

- The program has been completed by previous Thirteen Alumni and was well received. 

“Le programme m’a fortement aide, j’ai apres tellement de choses tres importante qui m’aiderons pas seulement aujourd’hui mais aussi dans l’avenir. C’est un programme que je recommand à tous.”
- Perseverance Bakwa