The Artery Coffee - My Cherry Armour

The Artery Coffee - My Cherry Armour


A coffee that's ethical, fruity and named after a Stevie Wonder song? What else could you need? 

This is a natural processed coffee. Most coffees are washed coffees, which tend to provide more bright, acidic flavours. Natural coffees tend to be more unusual, sweet and "funky". They often provide a heavier mouthfeel and fuller body, with sweet and delicate aromas and notes.

One of the defining  characteristics of a natural coffee is an overwhelming berry flavour, since the coffee seed (bean) is dried while still within the cherry.

TASTING NOTES: strawberries & cream + caramel
ROAST: Light
PRODUCERS: Afrodis Gahonzire, Azitha Urwijumukondo, Athanase Fatisuka, Gratien Nkejuwimy, and Froduard Rusingizandekwe.
FARM: Five smallholder farms working together (average farm size 0.5 hectares)
REGION: Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province
ALTITUDE: 1535-1900 masl
PROCESS: Natural