Thirteen Spices

Xawaash (Somalian Spice)

 it can be described as a mild mellow spice, typically used on seafood, vegetables, and rice. A nice spice with a lot of flavor without the hotness.





Berbere (Ethiopian Spice)

Ethiopia a wonderful country of vast opportunities and delicious delicacies. One crucial factor in some Ethiopian dishes are the spices if you yourself like fiery flavorsome dishes, Berbere's got the sensation you need.



Pilau Masala (Kenyan Spice)

Our Pilau Masala has a warm sweeter taste compared to our other spices. Pilau is mainly used on rice in the Kenyan culture. If you like a subtle, sweeter dish, Pilau Masala is great.

Pili Pili (Congolese Spice)

If you like the burning sensation of spices, then our Pili Pili is perfect for you. Bring a little Congo in your kitchen and enjoy dinner with friends and family. Watch out it's hot!!!