Application For Youth Futures 2023/Avenir jeunesse 2023

Application For Youth Futures 2023/Avenir jeunesse 2023

Hello Thirteen Fam! 


The recruitment process for Youth Futures 2023 has begun!


Youth Futures is a 6 month program that provides skills, information, support and practical experience to youth in order to succeed in college, university and the workforce. With the belief that higher education can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, Youth Futures seeks to transform the lives of its youth participants and their families.


In order to succeed in our community outreach for recruitment purposes, we need your help. We see your organization as a partner in fulfilling our goals and would like to ask if you would be interested in booking a presentation about our program. 

 Book your program presentation anytime between today and January 20th. Please note our online application closes on January 23th .  

 Should you have any questions about our program or wish to have recruitment materials, please do not hesitate to contact me or refer to our website: