Hiring Solutionary Crew Program Facilitator

Hiring Solutionary Crew Program Facilitator

Solutionary* Crew : Project Facilitator

Youth Contract: 19 to 29 years old

Hours: 15 hours/week

Shifts: Tuesday & Wednesday evenings plus occasional events 

& mutually selected day shift 

Wage: $18.60/hour

Duration: 18 week contract + 60 hours pre-employment training
($15.50 pay rate for training then increased to $18.60)
Contract: January 30th-June 4th

Note: A Solutionary is someone who sees opportunities where others see problems, and sees themselves as part of the creative solution!

Job Description 

The Program Facilitator is responsible for organizing/facilitating a youth chosen project with a team of high school aged youth. The project will be centered around food justice and includes shifts working at Parkdale’s Grocery Program (FKA food bank), team meetings, running sessions with guest facilitators and organizing special events.


Roles & Responsibilities

- Support youth in the development of a Solutionary project 

- Create and maintain a supportive, anti-oppressive environment for youth by approaching issues with care and intention

- Attend meetings on time with a positive and inclusive attitude ensuring all youth feel heard and that their opinions are valued 

- Manage project details and ensure tasks are being completed

- Report to program managers and seek support when needed

- Ensure program outcomes are being achieved by working with managers to plan and implement project activities

- Work within and follow program process and value standards 

- Contribute your ideas and experiences for the benefit of the program and participants

- Set up/clean up before and after program session including meal prep and kitchen clean

- Track youth hours weekly for payroll submission

- Send weekly check-in email and communicate as needed with youth through the week

- Research & schedule guests and excursions, comfort reaching out to outside agencies

To apply please send your resume to meagan@parkdalefoodcentre.org by February 8th with subject line ‘Solutionary Crew Project Facilitator Application’